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What exactly is plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery may not be what some people think it is. The term has been linked with people who are vain and want to look more attractive, which is cosmetic surgery. Though there is nothing wrong with altering your look, plastic surgery can mean a lot more things. Plastic surgery can also sometimes get a bad rap. However, some get confused on what exactly what plastic surgery is and what it involves. Humans will probably be forever trying to change themselves or need medical surgery can help an issue. Here are some examples of plastic surgery.


Breast Reconstruction

If stricken with cancer, women often will do a breast reconstruction as part of their treatment. This helps to rebuild the look and shape of the breast. There is a list of breast reconstruction procedures to choose from. For those, simply wanting to have more perky looking breasts, a plastic surgeon can handle this as well. Women have many sizes of breasts. Whether it’s from weight, your genes or a more serious medical issue, breast reduction is common. Large breasts can cause serious health conditions over time.

Hand Surgery

We use our hands for just about everything. So when a problem arises where they need surgery, care must happen to all the tissues. Most plastic hand surgery will involve our wrists, forearm or hands. Physicians who perform hand surgery have special training in this area.

Scar Revision

Throughout our lives at some time or another, we will injury ourselves and it will leave a nasty scar. Most people seek out a plastic surgeon Austin to minimize the scar and make it less obvious to blend in with their regular skin tone.

Congenital Defect Repair

This kind of plastic surgery is either done on one’s heart or if a child has a cleft lip. There are other procedures, but this is most common. Heart defects are also done as open surgery, in most cases. In some countries, there is a large amount of children in need of cleft surgery. Many American surgeons have often provided this service for free or worked through a nonprofit organization.

Burn Repair Surgery

For those suffering from 3rd degree burns, doctors will perform debriding. This is removing the skin prior to doing any reconstruction. For burn patients, this skin graft is taken from one part of the body and move to another. The most common skin grafts are called split-thickness.

All Physicians, once board certified, must complete their general residency. On top of that they must put in another two years in the field of plastic surgery. It’s not unheard of for a residency program to included cosmetic surgery training as a part of the training. If you are looking for a specific plastic surgeon, it’s very important to do a lot of research. This will help you make your decision depending on what you need done. Some Physicians can often perform surgery in one day where you don’t have to stay in the hospital.

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What is Cannabis and Hemp CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is derived from marijuana. It’s one of two cannabinoids in the naturally occurring plant that binds to receptors in the human brain. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the other agent. THC induces psychoactive effects in recreational users, effects they refer to as “getting high” or “stoned.” CBD doesn’t contain THC, so its users don’t get “high.” Instead, CBD is extracted from marijuana plants for the primary purpose of treating many diseases and ailments, such as epilepsy.

While CBD derived from cannabis is not currently legal in all 50 states in America, its alternative is legal on the federal level. As its name suggests, Hemp CBD is derived from the hemp plant. Like it cannabis counterpart, it doesn’t contain psychoactive properties. Readily available in stores in most states and online, Hemp CBD comes in a variety of forms: mouth spray, drops, pills, even chocolate bars, and ranges in potency from 1 milligram (mg) to 25 mg.

Using CBD to Treat Epilepsy.

While newer studies continue to emerge, several existing studies show positive benefits of CBD on patients suffering from epilepsy. One study, which appeared in Lancet Neurology, showed a 54% decrease in seizures among subjects using CBD or marcella. Another study showed a 40% decrease. While CBD isn’t currently a cure-all for epilepsy, its chemical properties can greatly reduce seizures, especially when used in conjunction with anti-seizure medication, such as Clobazam.

Unlike anti-seizure medication, however, CBD possesses mild side effects, such as sleepiness, fatigue, and diarrhea. A small percentage of users may experience worse seizures, so keep this serious, though uncommon, side effect in mind when you’re considering using CBD.

As with any medication, you should consult your doctor before using CBD and inquire on instructions for use. Commonly, patients use it one to three times daily. Depending on the kind of CBD you’re using—whether it’s a spray or a pill and depending on its potency—you might want to consider starting with minimal doses, for example once daily. If its efficacy isn’t to your satisfaction, then you should work your way up to two or even three times a day.

Its efficacy may take time to emerge, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t experience immediate results. If you’ve taken the time to adjust the dose to your satisfaction, and you’re still not experiencing the desired effects, consult a professional who might help you find a better strategy. Keep in mind, however, that consistency is key to a successful regiment: don’t take medication sporadically. If you take it in the morning, at dinner, and before bed, for example, then try to maintain consistency every day.

CBD Strains in Marijuana

If you live in a state with legal marijuana and you don’t mind the psychoactive side effects of smoking it, then you can purchase a variety of high CBD marijuana strains. Specially cultivated with a high CBD to THC ratio, these strains were selected and engineered to magnify the properties of CBD. As with CBD derivatives, you should smoke marijuana consistently, treating it no differently than you would treat a pill or a droplet of CBD. Keep in mind, however, that this from of CBD delivery will get you “stoned,” so take it in safe surroundings and try not to operate cars or heavy equipment while under the influence.

How to Travel When Working on a Full Time Job

A lot of people today are traveling different parts of the world while working a full time job. You might be wondering how is this possible? The reality is that there are many opportunities waiting for anyone that plans to travel and discover new cultures

You can blame the internet for allowing this type of culture to prosper. The internet allows people to stay productive and have a decent income despite being in a different time zone. If you still have no idea on how to do this, here are some tips that you can use.

Evaluate job opportunities

A lot of people think that any job will allow them to travel and have the opportunity to explore the world. In reality, this isn’t the case. There are careers wherein you will need to stay in one place. For instance, small business owners do not have the liberty to travel and work. It is a common scenario when you run a small business that you end up doing some micromanagement.

On the other hand, if you are web designer, then you can submit your work output anywhere you may be as long as there’s an internet connection. You want to make sure that you find a job that allows you mobility and freedom.

Freelancer option

Often times a lot of individuals misunderstand the concept of freelancing. They’d think that these individuals don’t work for 40 hours a week. In fact, this isn’t the case. The only difference they make to an employee is that they don’t have an employee-employer relationship. This means that they are not bound to clock in at a specific time. They can work at any given time of the day, which is very suitable especially for travelers.

Create different streams of income

Being able to travel and work can be difficult but something possible. However, always keep in mind that traveling can be a bit expensive. It is important to always have a backup when you tend to spend money on traveling. This works by having different streams of income. One great way to have some extra cash is to run a website or have your own small business offering products that don’t really require storage.

For instance, photographers get an extra income when they sell photos online. This is also possible when bloggers earn from the traffic their website is producing. Thanks to the internet, there are many other ways on how you can do this. YouTube allows you to get a good amount of money especially when your channel becomes popular.

Evaluate the cost of living of the country

If you are going to travel, it is important to make sure that you can afford it. Can you imagine having an income equivalent to the country’s minimum wage or less and travel? This might not be a good idea. What you want to do is to always evaluate the amount of money that you generate on a weekly basis. Apart from your income, compare how much you are making.

If you plan on traveling, it is a good idea to do the necessary research in order to make things go smoothly. Also, though you are working full time, always make sure that you have a Plan B. If not, this might mean trouble for you.